Shovel shortage before snowfall

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Gone, gone and gone. As Hampton Roads prepares for snow Wednesday, some stores are shovel-less.

Local home improvement stores have empty shelves with only the price tag remaining for snow shovels. The store manager of the Great Bridge Taylor's Do It Yourself store said they have been busy non-stop.

"It's been very hectic because from the first storm people are very leary of any snow or ice coming. They've been looking for snow shovels, ice melt" said Derek Staton.

Ice melt is what Adrienne Anglin and her daughter Courtney were picking up at Taylor's. However, they both noticed the lack of shovels on the shelves.

"Actually yes but I'm from Pennsylvania so I'm used to it, so we picked them up last winter when we were up there visiting my dad so we came prepared," said Adrienne. Her 8-year-old daughter Courtney will be helping with the shoveling.

Those who are still looking for a shovel might be in luck. Staton said their location will be getting a new shipment tomorrow morning.

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