Potholes caused by winter weather creating big problems for drivers in Hampton Roads

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HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - Although the snow and ice have come and gone, it's left behind obstacles on the roads for drivers in Hampton Roads.

News 3's Samantha German spoke with drivers about the recent uptick in potholes, which have been created officials say because of moisture from snow and ice seeping into the pavement, then freezing.

"There's potholes everywhere. I do not like the potholes. They're really inconvenient it makes you swerve and try to avoid them," said Chris Righenzi, a Virginia Beach resident. "You can't really get out-of-the-way because by the time you see it, it's right under your tire and it can pop your tire."

The Virginia Department of Transportation says they began pothole repairs before snow clearing operations were even completed. But even with those repairs. Drivers say they still just can't seem to dodge them, and popping your tires and other damages potholes can cause on your car can really start to add up financially.

"You just got to pay money for something the city needs to repair. It's kind of aggravating for me and for all other drivers," added Righenzi.

VDOT says crews started on repairs as soon as possible. The Virginia Department of Transportation is also advising if you see potholes out on the roads or in your area to report them and they respond as soon as they can.

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