Restaurant Week and the results from our relationship restaurant poll on Coast Live

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NORFOLK, Va - We are getting ready for restaurant week in Downtown Norfolk (  So we asked our viewers about how dining out impacts their relationships and how their relationships effect their dining experiences.  Here is what you had to say:

Is deciding where to eat a stressful decision in your house?
8% -  Always
50% - Sometimes
42% - Never

Do you ever argue with friends or family over the check?
4% - Always. It's a thing.
34% - Sometimes.
38% - We take turns.
24% - We always split it.

Is it ok to "go Dutch" on a first date?
20% - Always.
58% - Sometimes.
18% - Take turns.
4% - Always split it.

Do you like to share your entrée with dining companions?
40% Yes, sharing is more fun!
60% No, don’t even look at my plate!

Do you like the communal dining concept where you sit with other guests?
90% Yes, you could make new friends.
10% No, we like our privacy.

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