Operation Blessing taking action to help those unable to dig out from winter storm

NORFOLK, Va. - Folks who are unable to dig out from the winter storm have been getting some help from volunteers.

The organization is called Operation Blessing, and volunteers who are apart of it respond to disasters all over the world, including right here in Hampton Roads.

"These volunteers are grabbing shovels and they’re going out to give these seniors, the elderly, the disabled, people that are very, very sick a hand not only to dig out of their home, but to free up their cars so they can get to appointments, so that nurses can come in and care for patients," says Jody Gettys, Vice President of Operation Blessing.

“Oh, I tell you, I was so elated and everything that I just couldn’t believe it," says Jewel Belote, who benefited from the help.

It's a rewarding experience for both parties involved.