Bridges ice first! Chesapeake workers lay salt brine on the 90+ bridges in the city

CHESAPEAKE, Va. -  Public Works crews are already all over the city of Chesapeake and are paying extra attention to the more than 90 bridges they have to treat.

Bridges are prone to freeze before roadways because of their elevation and lack of thermal heat from the ground. Drivers need to be extra caution when traveling in cold weather, especially on bridges and overpasses.

Earl Sorey, spokesman for Chesapeake Public Works, told News 3 they already have crews out on the roads dripping salt brine on the bridges and they will start to spread a sand/salt mixture as snow starts to fall.

Plows will not start to push snow until it accumulates about teo inches so drivers are warned to stay off the roads if possible.

If you do have to drive, stay clear of the plow and salt trucks. Officials also say to give extra distance between you and the car in front of you. Nobody can stop on ice so give yourself time to travel to your destination so you do not have to rush and risk getting into a wreck.