New partnership hopes to find new ways to embrace technology in Virginia state government

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RICHMOND, Va. – The Commonwealth is looking for new ways to embrace technology in state government.

In order to help facilitate this, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Monday a partnership between the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) to  research, share and evaluate businesses who have made advancements in information technology (IT) that may be of value to state government.

“Harnessing technology to serve taxpayers more effectively is a challenge that every government faces,” said Governor McAuliffe. “This partnership between CIT and VITA will connect innovative businesses with potential customers in government agencies who can put their technologies to work making life better for the Virginia families we serve.”

The partnership will be carried out by CIT’s Innovation Center of Excellence (ICE.) The ICE was created in 2016 and has since given 15 demonstrations and presentations to more than 630 participants on topics like big data management and analytics, cybersecurity partnerships and the driverless future.

“Each month, VITA ICE invites interested suppliers to demonstrate advancements in technology to agency representatives who may be looking for solutions to business challenges,” said Nelson Moe. “This forum provides that opportunity. Agency staff and interested suppliers can attend the sessions and we are already experiencing attendee growth as word spreads.”

Nearly 60 suppliers have enrolled after VITA ICE’s presentations began at the start of FY17. VITA ICE has also entered into 15 collaborative partnerships, including partnerships with the University of Virginia on social media and data analytics, the City of Fredericksburg on smart roads, and Amherst and Page Counties on distance learning.

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