Mother reunites with her son after a 50-year search

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One woman is jumping for joy after finding one of her sons she gave up for adoption years ago.

“I should know this kid (laughter) I know this guy and then he turned out to be my son,” Connie Cerveny said. She lives in Stromsburg, Nebraska. FOX 42 first met Cerveny ten months ago. At that time, she was looking for both of her sons.

“I remember how cute they were and adorable and I had to give them (away).”

She didn’t have many photos of them, only sweet memories and birthdays. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago, she found one of her sons.

“It’s been quite a few years that we’ve seen him, I wasn’t really positive we would find him.”

After searching a year and a half and taking a DNA test, she’s finally able to hold his hand again.

“It was just like I had always knew these people,” said Ed Bauer. He’s 57 now.

Now, they’re still getting to one another all over again.

Bauer visits his mother every other week and their conversations are unpredictable. However, their’s still unfinished business. The family is looking for the other son. His name is said to be Jim.

“If I can find one, I can find two,” Cerveny said.

The goal is to keep pushing until their family is whole again.

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