Chesapeake family hosts annual Thanksgiving dinner

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. - The word "family" apples to more than just relatives at Nischelle Buffalow's South Norfolk house.

Nischelle Buffalo

"Once you become friends, you're family to us," Buffalow said.

For the eighth year, Buffalow and her family hosted a Thanksgiving dinner to feed the people who need it. "It's a day to be thankful," she said. "That's what Thanksgiving is all about- fellowship- bringing people together in fellowship as a community."

Hundreds of people got dinners, requiring 20 fried turkeys, ten roasted turkeys, 20 hams, and 30-pounds of beef. "It's a lot of time and faith, but we have our volunteers, family, and friends who really us the support that's needed," Buffalow said.

The event also included a giveaway of shoes and clothes, all donated by people in the community. "We're here to serve each other. That's what we do - serve each other on Thanksgiving," she said.

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