Norfolk woman dies at 109-years-old

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NORFOLK, Va. - People who knew Josephine McBride are celebrating a life well lived.

Josephine McBride

Mrs. McBride is a bit of a local legend in the city of Norfolk, she passed away last week at the age of 109.  She voted in every Presidential election since Franklin Roosevelt, and she was a month older than the Ford Model-T.

A few years ago when she was about to turn 105 she talked with News 3 about her many years on this planet.  She shared a simple philosophy that she says kept her whole in body and spirit for over a century.

“First of all, you’ve got to know God. You’ve got to know the Lord”, said McBride.

Born in 1908, she guided us through the decades of her life.  McBride finished Nursing school in the class of 1936, and eventually took on professional duties at the old Norfolk Community Hospital.  She outlived her husband, and proudly raised her twins.  Our closing question to her was – We know how long you’ve lived, but how do you live it?

“Be kind to your fellow man, that’s the important thing, to be kind and humble.”  Said McBride.

A memorial service is scheduled Tuesday to honor Mrs. McBride at the Murray Center at the historic First Baptist Church on Bute Street, in Norfolk.

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