This $20 security camera gives expensive models some competition

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NORFOLK, Va. - Home security cameras are popular, but they usually cost upwards of $100 or even $200.

This new camera gives you many of the exact same features for just $20!

The camera is from a company called Wyze Labs, started by a group of former Amazon employees.

It comes with HD video, 14 days of free cloud storage for video clips, alerts for sound and motion, two-way audio, night vision, and time-lapse capabilities.

Unlike some other cloud-connected cameras, the Wyze cam can also record 24/7 video to a 32gb memory card.

There are no subscription fees, but Wyze only sends 10-15 second clips to the cloud. Continuous video recordings are stored on the memory card, which technically means someone could steal the camera and take the full-length recordings with them.

Still, at just $20, it's an amazing value and you can finally have an affordable security camera in every room you need one!

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