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Hampton officer opens up about saving suicidal person

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Officer Daniel Smith (Photo courtesy: Hampton Police)

HAMPTON, Va. – A police officer opened up Monday about saving the life of a suicidal person.

Officer Daniel Smith explained what happened one day as he was standing in his front yard.

Officer Smith was able to talk to a person who needed it most and to aid them in getting the help they needed.

A member of the Crisis Intervention Team, Smith explained what happened in a Facebook post:

“The other day I was actually standing in my front yard and I saw someone walking down the street who I had encountered on a day when they felt like taking their own life. I was able to speak to this person on that day and listen to them and bring them to get the help they need. It meant a lot to get to talk to this person again, and see them smile. They actually thanked me and said I really helped them through such a difficult time. As an officer who is a proud member of the Crisis Intervention Team, it truly meant a lot to hear those words.” – Officer Daniel Smith

Way to go, Officer Smith!