Norfolk maritime academy puts students through boot camp

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NORFOLK, Va. -  The Mid Atlantic Maritime academy takes students through a rigorous four week boot camp that guides students to a maritime career on the deck of a ship or below as an engineer.

22-year-old Alexis Black is a member of the academy’s sixth class.​

“I was just working at McDonalds,” she said.

Tired of flipping burgers at McDonald’s, now she has bigger dreams of becoming an engineer.

“You start out as a wiper, so hopefully soon you will see me in the engine room wiping,” Black said.

Students learn skills from firefighting, to working as a deck hand.

They go from a simulation room to putting their training in action.

Anthony Crenshaw, in his fifties, is one of the oldest in his class.

“My name is Anthony I am 52 years old and my nickname is Gramps,” Crenshaw said.

“I had been in the telecommunications industry for about 20 years and with the downsizing and the buyouts basically I needed a change,” he said.

Looking for something more stable Crenshaw decided to try his sea legs.

“The maritime industry is not downsizing it’s not changing it’s more like a trucking industry on the water,” Crenshaw said.

The program is open to anyone 18 and older, with no prior experience needed.

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