Get a behind the scenes look at the new Selden Market

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(Photo: Downtown Norfolk Council)

NORFOLK, Va. – Selden Market inside the historic Selden Arcade just opened to the public.

The market is a space for entrepreneurs to develop new street-level business ideas.

Downtown Norfolk Council says the market has secured leases with 12 storefront tenants, which include:

Werther Leather Goods
Quality leather bags and wallets, made locally.

Hummingbird Chocolate & Tea Room
Elevating your tea and chocolate drinking experience.

Vessel Craft Coffee
A coffee bar featuring ethically sourced coffee, cold brew, brew gear and world change.

Doughnut shop with a modern twist, featuring both classic and one-of-a-kind flavors.

Flutterby Soap Company
Handcrafted vegan soaps, lotions, and other skincare products - using high quality essential oils and butters.

Food, Clothing & Shelter
A curated retail experience where culture and community meet.

LORAK Jewelry
Modern jewelry store known for in-house designed and crafted jewelry collections and unique engagement rings.

Merchant's Reserve
Exceptionally sourced nut, chocolate and specialty food gifts - reserved just for you.

Thank You Gift Shop
An extension of Thank You Gallery that aims to provide customers with a hand-curated selection of unique and limited goods.

Enriching children’s lives through the Power of Play.

Velvet Witch
A curated gift shop carrying products for healing of the mind, body and soul.

Werrell Woodworks
A modern decor store with products for your business and home to create a unique and memorable space.

The new Selden Market will be a place with low rents and short-term leases so businesses can shape their model, learn from each other and build community in a low-risk environment.

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