Avocado prices on the rise

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Holy guacamole! The price of avocados have skyrocketed, leaving consumers to swallow the hefty price.

Shoppers are shelling out more green for their guac.

Avocado prices have gone up 125 percent this year. Farmers said that a weak harvest and high demand are driving up the price and demand is high.

The fruit – yes, it’s a fruit – is a staple for many restaurants and that cost is carried on to hungry customers. Americans love avocado. It is at the top of many grocery lists.

In fact, the average American eats seven pounds of guacamole every year. However, they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Michael Marynok from Easthampton used to pick avocados, but he will pass on the guacamole. “I tried them 100 different ways and I couldn’t swallow them. I had it on toast, had it on cereal, I had them on a sandwich. I’ll pick them, but I won’t eat them,” said Marynok. However, will the cost of creamy crop deter buyers? It could, but cravings for a ripe avocado may help consumers stretch the wallet a little further.

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