Norfolk personal shopper helps those with disabilities enjoy the mall

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NORFOLK, Va. - Devon Jackson is a personal shopper at MacArthur Center Mall in Downtown Norfolk. Typically personal shoppers help you find things you`re looking for or assist in finding the right dress or suit.

But these shoppers need a little extra help. Most of them are blind so Devon`s role is particularly important.

"He's very caring, he`s patient with us. If we have a problem he`s a problem solver. He just makes the mall experience wonderful,"  says shopper Rene Rogers.

These enthusiastic shoppers make regular appointments so they can shop specifically with Devon.

Rene Rogers sent the mall managers a letter to tell them how much Devon means to her and other folks who use the service. Her fellow shopper Jenny Blinsom helps out by reading Rene`s letter to us using Braille.

"His cheerful countenance and warm laid back attitude are balanced by his great attention to detail and concern for everyone`s well being," she said.

When mall management told News 3 about Devon, there was no doubt he deserved to be honored.

We surprised Devon with a People Taking Action award and a $300 gift card from our partner Southern Bank.

The cheerful mall worker was truly surprised that he was being recognized for something he loves doing.

"It`s like a family inside of work. If I don`t say so myself. And when they don`t come I actually miss them," he said.

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