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Left, not left out: Overlooked left-handed QB Williams has ‘right’ mind for ODU/Tech tilt

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ODU QB Stevie Williams

NORFOLK, Va. - Left is not right for top-flight quarterbacks.

No left-handed quarterback has been selected in the NFL Draft since 2010 (Tim Tebow, Sean Canfield). A lefty QB has not thrown a touchdown pass in an NFL regular season game since 2015. As of February, Kellen Moore is the only left-handed QB on an active NFL roster.

Old Dominion head football coach Bobby Wilder believes being a lefty is what left true freshman quarterback Steven Williams for the Monarchs.

"He wasn’t heavily recruited, a lot of it I truly believe has to do with being left handed," Wilder explained. "People are afraid of left-handed quarterbacks for whatever reason. I think a lot of coaches don’t like to coach backwards. Everything you do you have to coach opposite, which I don’t buy into it. I think a good quarterback is a good quarterback."

ODU football Bobby Wilder, Stevie Williams

Williams, the only 17 year old quarterback in college football, will make his first start Saturday at 13th ranked Virginia Tech.

"Because I'm 17, they're going to think they can blitz me and I'm going to be rattled and nervous throw the ball all over the place," Williams prognosticated. "I'm going to come out there calm and relaxed. It's something I've been dreaming about. I'll always wanted to play in a big game and play against a big team and show what I can do. I'm going to enjoy the moment. Football doesn't last forever, so you have to enjoy every moment of every game."

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