Reverend Jesse Jackson talks Charlottesville protests at Hampton University

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HAMPTON, Va. - "Choose hope and healing over hate and hurt." That was the message expressed today by the Reverend Jesse Jackson at Hampton University.

Reverend Jackson addressed the recent violence in Charlottesville as part of his Healing and Rebuilding tour. Around 300 people gathered on campus to listen to Reverend Jesse Jackson discuss health disparities in Virginia, the importance of voter registration, and the Charlottesville protests.

"We should not be in the street in confrontation with the Klan. We should march in November. Black and white must find common ground," says Reverend Jackson.

He says President Trump was slow to denounce white supremacy during the protests in Charlottesville and believes Confederate statues still standing should come down.

"As president, all of us should be his base. The Klan represents terror. Robert E. Lee said clearly don't build a statue after me and don't bury me in a Confederate uniform," says Reverend Jackson.