With 1.4 million still without power, 750 Dominion Energy employees and contractors are still in Florida

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DAYTONA BEACH, FL. - Over 750 Dominion Energy employees and contractors are helping the over 1.4 million still with out power in Florida and Georgia according to the Edison Electric Institute.

Dominion Energy says that crews from across the state of Virginia have been helping in relief efforts after Hurricane Irma devastated, and are currently in Miramar, Florida, as of Sunday evening.

The Florida Keys, South Florida, and other parts of Georgia and Florida felt the brunt of the what was a category three hurricane that made its way into the southeastern U.S. on Sept. 9.

More than 60,000 in have been helping to provide power back to what was 7.8 million that had lost power because of the hurricane.

"They've been pretty sad from being out (of light and power), but to see them once they see the trucks you see a smile on their face," said Johnny Walker, Construction Supervisor for Dominion Energy, from Virginia Beach.

Customers have been very appreciative for the help they have been able to provide, added Walker. "They're glad to see someone here and then when you get the lights on you see that smile and that thumbs up. They come out and greet you, want to shake your hand and thank you for coming to town."

Crews from Dominion Energy traveled from Daytona Beach top the Gulf Stream Staging area where they were deployed and helped restore power to several hundred people on Friday

They also said that Florida Power and Light has assigned addition crews of theirs to projects on Saturday, and that work locations included broken poles and downed wires which were difficult to access.



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