Portsmouth Humane Society staff, volunteers help animals affected by Irma

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PORTSMOUTH, Va. – A team of staff and volunteers with the Portsmouth  Humane Society made the 8 hour drive to South Carolina to help save animals affected by Hurricane Irma.

The team will join the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies in their animal saving efforts.

“This type of disaster relief/rescue has sort of a domino effect. Shelters in Florida needed to make room for animals that will be coming in because of Hurricane Irma, so they send their current adoptable animals to shelters in South Carolina,” Portsmouth Humane Society said on their Facebook page. “In order for the South Carolina shelters to take those animals they have to clear their kennels first…those are the animals that we took.”

The Portsmouth Humane Society will transport a total of 13 animals from the Charleston Animal Society.

As the four vans full of animals were heading home, they received a call that Marion County Animal Shelter in Mullins, South Carolina was in need of assistance. PHS rented a fifth van to transport the animals.

Staff and volunteers came back Sunday evening and are planning to do a second wave of transports on Wednesday.

Not all of the animals transported will be staying at the Portsmouth Humane Society. The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies will coordinate transport efforts to move some of the animals to other area shelters.

Not all of the animals will be available for adoption immediately, but they will be posting them as soon as they are available. Click here for the most up-to-date list.

The Portsmouth Humane Society is in need of donations to help cover the cost of their trips. You can make a donation at paypal.me/donate2phs.