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Virginia to send National Guard members for Harvey rescue efforts

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Virginia is joining other states in sending personnel and equipment to Texas to help with rescue efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

Governor Terry McAuliffe said Wednesday that 40 Virginia National Guard members will deploy first thing Thursday morning.

He also said Virginia will send seven helicopters to help with the ongoing rescue efforts in Southeast Texas.

On the “Ask The Governor” radio show on WTOP, McAuliffe said he expects that once the rescue phase ends and the recovery phase begins Texas will ask for more help.

He said he will send whatever he can to help Texans recover from the devastating storm.

Navy and Coast Guard personnel from Hampton Roads have already rescued hundreds of Harvey victims. Members of Virginia Task Force 2 Urban Search and Rescue Team  from Virginia Beach are also on the ground, making their way to help people in Katy, Texas, a Houston suburb.

Governor  McAuliffe also warned Virginia is vulnerable to a catastrophic storm. He cited research which shows Hampton Roads is the second most vulnerable area of the country for sea level rise, after New Orelans.

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