Win the school year: sleep routines

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YORKTOWN, Va.- It's time to get the kids back into the school routine, but that can be a challenge when they've been staying up late and sleeping in all summer long.

Bernadette Watkins, a Yorktown mother and creator of "The Mommy Cooler" blog, shared her advice with News 3 This Morning.

"You want to gradually put them in that routine," said Watkins.  "If you just try to say 'Okay, you`re going to bed at 8 o`clock' and they've been going to bed at 10, it's going to be very hard."

In her latest blog post "Get your Kids and You Back on Track with Fool Proof Tips," Watkins shared what she does two weeks before school starts to get everyone back into the routine:

  1. Gradually introduce the earlier bedtime routine.
  2. Remove all technology!
  3. Set rules for screen times when school starts!
  4. Make your bedrooms a safe and exciting environment!

You can check out all of Watkins' tips on back to school and parenthood on her blog.



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