Portsmouth Schools leadership asks council to reappropriate leftover funds from FY 2017

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PORTSMOUTH, Va. - The Portsmouth School Division is looking for the city to reappropriate unused education dollars from the previous fiscal year.

Friday the division announced it was owed $4.3 million from the City of Portsmouth for the current 2018 fiscal year.

That money was transferred to the division later that day.

Now the attention turns to leftover funds from the previous fiscal year, which by law must be returned to the city, but are typically reappropriated and returned to the school division.

This year the Portsmouth School Division is reporting $14.3 million in leftover FY 2017 dollars, but Tuesday, the city council planned to vote to reappropriate 60 percent of that amount.

Council decided to postpone that vote, however, after receiving an email from School Board Chair Claude Parent asking that the two entities discuss the matter further before action is taken.

Portsmouth Superintendent Elie Bracy tells News 3 he plans to meet with City Manager Lydia Pettis Patton within the week to continue the discussion.

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