Newport News Police: Woman spits in officer’s face while being booked into jail

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – A woman is accused of assaulting officers while she was being taken into custody.

Nicole Codekas

On August 19 at approximately 12:17 a.m., police were sent to the Walmart in the 12400 block of Jefferson Avenue for a disorderly customer, stealing and assaulting staff.

When officers arrived, the store manager told them the woman left and was walking along Jefferson Avenue towards the interstate exit.

Officers located the woman, identified as 33-year-old Nicole Codekas.

Police say Codekas smelled like alcohol and was confrontational towards officers.

While officers were trying to detain Codekas, she acted disorderly and began to resist officers.  Another officer arrived on scene and helped get her under control and detained.

Walmart staff told police Codekas had gotten physical with them and attempted to steal merchandise, but dropped everything. They said they wanted her to leave the store but she refused.

Officers told Codekas she was going to be summonsed for being drunk in public and taken back to the hotel. While at the hotel, Codekas began to get disorderly again. She yelled, screamed and attempted to kick the window out of a police car.

Officers tried to get her to stop kicking the window and she began to force the door open, not allowing officers to close the door. The officers told Codekas to put her feet back in the car and she refused.

As officers tried to get her feet back inside the car, she repeatedly kicked them and kicked an officer in the lower abdomen. She also kicked a second officer as he was trying to assist.

Other officers arrived and placed restraints on Codekas to try to take her to booking. once at booking, she continued to be disorderly as officers took her out of the vehicle.

While at the entrance to booking, Codekas spit in an officer’s face, according to police.

Codekas was charged with profane swearing/intoxication in public and three counts of assault on law enforcement.