Two Michigan gas station workers try to stop armed robber

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Gladwin County, MI (WJRT) — Two women at a Gladwin County gas station confronted a man trying to steal from the┬ástore.

He was armed with a knife.

The sheriff’s office said the robbery happened at the Beacon and Bridge Market at the corner of M-30 and M-61 Tuesday morning.

In the video posted to Facebook, you can see a man walked into the store, he said something to the cashier, and then he head towards the cigarettes behind the counter.

The cashier tried to stop him before another woman stepped in to help.

He broke away from the woman, and it appeared he left with just a few packages of cigarettes.

Deputies said the man was white, wore a mask and black hoody, and left in a dark colored pickup with a red colored topper.

They think it could be a Chevy S-10 or Ford Ranger type truck.