Thrifty mom uses husband’s shirts to make trendy children’s clothes

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Instagram is full of people creating awesome one-of-a-kind items but one mom is gaining followers for her thrifty creations.

Stephanie Miller, as she is known on Instagram, said she’s a mother of four.

She uses her account to document what she makes her children, but there is a twist. Many of Miller’s posts are clothes she has made out of her husband’s shirts.

In one post the mother explained she let her daughter pick out which one of her dad’s shirts she wanted. Next, she created an awesome child-sized romper.

Miller even took generic white button ups, dyed them and made dresses for her daughters, one post explained.

Her creations don’t appear to stop with every day clothes as Miller said she made her son an Evil Knievel shirt and cape for his last day of preschool as well.

Click here to check out all the amazing creations Miller has accomplished.

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