Multi-million dollar Housing Resource Facility underway to end homelessness in Virginia Beach

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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. - The Housing Resource Center is under construction on the corner of N Witchduck Road and Southern Boulevard.

It's a $30 million facility paid for by the city, federal and private donations to provide homeless families and individuals a place to get back on their feet.

"The building is a place where people who want to get out of homelessness can come and take those steps and they'll be services there to assist them," said the director of the City of Virginia Beach's Housing and Neighborhood Preservation, Andrew Friedman.

Inside the 64,000 square feet facility can help change a family's life for the better.

The Housing Resource Center is an initiative by Virginia Beach City Council to end homelessness since 2012.

"This year we've counted about 370 homeless persons on the street last January," said Friedman.

They'll be 10 motel style rooms for families with over 40 beds and cribs available.

Also 30 efficiency apartments for long-term stay.

"We serve currently through our system the people most in need that's the people who have the most vulnerability because they're homeless, been homeless for the longest, or have the biggest set of obstacles to getting housing," Friedman added.

The goal is to give families another chance to better provide.

Inside will be a learning center with job readiness courses and training classes to help parents find employment.

They'll even be coached on a personal improvement plan to help give their children the best life possible.

Friedman added, "For the past five years we've seen a slow, but steady decline in the people we count on the street in January every year and we think this should accelerate that."

Friedman also tells News 3 the Housing Resource Center doesn't plan to enable homelessness, but instead provide motivation for people to leave it behind.

It's expected to open up in June of 2018.


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