National project promoting kindness inspires Norfolk residents

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NORFOLK, Va.  - A nationwide trend of spreading kindness and inspiration is gaining momentum in Norfolk.

The Kindness Rocks Project was created in February 2015 and has taken shape across the country.

According to it's website, the goal is to spread kindness to unsuspecting recipients by painting rocks bright colors with designs and inspirational messages. The movement grows by people finding the rocks and then painting and hiding their own in plain sight.

Inspiration is now taking shape in the Ocean View section of Norfolk with the Ocean View Va. Rocks Facebook page.

The page was created on July 22nd and has already recruited 100 members. Page participants post their painted rock pictures and clues to where they can be found around Norfolk.

From beaches, to playgrounds and shopping centers, the rocks are popping up and inspiring others to pass on the small act of kindness.