Burglar caught on camera going into Norfolk man’s house, police make arrest as he walks out

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NORFOLK, Va. - Almost everyone loves getting packages in the mail and opening them. That's why David Gleaton got a Ring Video Doorbell, which records what's going on at his front door.

He typically uses it to monitor when packages are delivered, however, on June 26, Gleaton got an unexpected delivery of sorts at his Camellia Gardens home.

"I was at work got and alert on my phone, looked at my phone and saw a guy walking up. He was there for about four minutes," said Gleaton.

Gleaton said he tried to talk to the man, who police have identified as John Phillips Woodhouse.

"He wasn't hearing it, wasn't listening and that's when he walked in the house. So I dialed 911 instantly," said Gleaton.

The burglar was in Gleaton's home for more than 10 minutes. He took more than $200 in change, Bose headphones and an assortment of other items.

"I just couldn't believe it. Complete shock. Why are you going into my house? Doesn't make sense," said Gleaton.

After calling 911, Gleaton headed straight home. Just as he arrived, his doorbell sent another notification. It was the burglar exiting his home and Norfolk Police was already on scene.

Woodhouse is currently in the Norfolk City Jail facing a slew of felony charges. All thanks to the real-time video the doorbell recorded.

"Just to have it, that's all the proof they need. Emailed to them? Done, case closed," said Gleaton.

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