Real estate company proposes transformation of Williamsburg Shopping Center

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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – A real estate company has plans to transform the site of the existing Williamsburg Shopping Center.

Broad Street, a commercial real estate firm, will reveal the first look of the company’s plan at a board meeting on July 11.

Midtown Williamsburg, as they are calling it, will appeal to many people including permanent residents, college students, families and tourists, the company said.

The project includes new landscaped pedestrian boulevards, a public plaza, art work, wide sidewalks, bike lanes, along with new residential buildings, new retail storefronts and a new

Midtown will keep some long time popular businesses such as Sal’s by Victor, the Virginia ABC store and Food Lion.

There would also be new sidewalk cafes, food locations and entertainment options.

The site is near the William and Mary campus and is not far from historical Williamsburg.