Hog-Wash: NFL shop bungles Redskins’ home

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The Seattle Space Needle is viewed during dusk with Mt. Rainier in the background. (Photo by Dan Callister/Newsmakers)

NORFOLK, Va. – The Washington Redskins play in Washington state. According to NFLShop.com – that’s an accurate Washington state-ment.

But, as any person with the slightest bit of geography and/or sports knowledge would realize, the Washington Redskins call Washington, D.C. home – not Washington state (a location 2,500+ miles away).

Until Monday, NFLShop.com was selling this novelty “state pride” license plate featuring Washington state.

However, until Monday, when the Washington Post pointed out the embarrassing mistake, NFLShop.com was selling a “state pride” novelty plate featuring the Redskins logo inside an outline of the state of Washington.