Celebrate the start of summer with some ‘swim safe’ ocean reminders!

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Happy Summer! June 21st marks the official start to the season and we want to make sure you've got a safe summer ahead.

SwimSafe, Inc. specializes in teaching children how to swim in the ocean.

They say that even if your child is a strong swimmer in the pool, that doesn't necessarily mean they're prepared to take on the ocean.

Here are their top four things to remember whenever you hit the waves:

  1. TEAM UP!
    Swimming with a friend or parent in the ocean – also knowing where your Safety Team is located (lifeguards, lifeguards stands)
    A (SwimSafe) Marker to know where one is in relation to everything else at the oceanfront, especially while traveling (or swimming) with the current in the ocean.
    It will tell you which direction the current is moving & which direction you will move while swimming – similar to jellyfish and surfers!
  4. ID the RIP (current) & easy escape method
    An area of calm water  is the RIP!
    Floating out of the Rip is one’s own guide and direction to safety

If you want your children to be "swim safe" before you hit the beach, sign them up for classes!

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