There’s a good reason this last-day-of-school photo is melting hearts

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This 7-year-old’s last-day-of-school photo is melting hearts for more than that adorable smile.

When Sophi Eber began kindergarten, she was in the fight of her young life with stage IV neuroblastoma. On her very first day, her mother snapped a photo of her baby beaming, despite the uncomfortable accessories that come with cancer treatment.

Six rounds of chemo, 14 rounds of radiation, one nine-hour surgery and immune system stimulants later, Sophi’s done with her first year of school, and with cancer.

Mom Bethany Eber said she posted the end-of-year photo as a way to offer encouragement to other families like hers.

“When you are in those trenches, it’s hard to see beyond,” she told CNN. “For these other cancer families, it was hope for their kid.”

Sophi’s chances of relapse are high. So she’ll continue with screenings and tests every three months for the next five years.

That’s not getting her down, though.

Sophi’s giddy about her new internet fame. Since her mom posted the photo on Reddit, it’s received more than 150,000 “upvotes.”

“It feels amazing, I’ve always wanted to do this ever since I was a little kid,” Sophi told CNN affiliate WDAF about her newfound fame.

Her mom has no doubt there are big things in the future for her little girl.

“With what she’s gone through, her brain and her heart and all of the things put together, she can change the world,” her mom said. “And I fully expect her to.”

But first Sophie has the summer to get through. And she’ll do it in a very 7-year-old sort of way: at the pool.

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