Local police departments warn card holders of skimmers on ATMs and gas pumps

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Police across Hampton Roads are warning card holders of skimmers in area gas pumps and ATMs.

Hampton Police posted a picture online of two men on Thursday.

They said the men in the picture allegedly placed a skimming device in an ATM of a Bayport Credit Union on Big Bethel Road. A customer noticed the skimmer and alerted authorities.

Virginia Beach Police say a skimmer was also found in a gas pump of the 7-Eleven on Nimmo Parkway several months ago. At this time it is unknown how many people may have had their information compromised.

Police across the area are using these recent incidents as ways to warn card holders about the dangers of skimmers.

Police say thieves will also often put up hidden cameras around ATMs and say your best bet to protect yourself is to act like someone's watching you and cover your hand as you put in your pin.

Police also suggest that users look around the ATM or pump for anything out of place or anything that appears loose.If a machine looks like it has been tampered with, alert the business and call police.

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