Navy Sailor admits to throwing plastic disks that washed ashore in Kill Devil Hills into ocean

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(U.S. Navy photo by Ted Brown/Released)

KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. – The Navy announced that plastic disks that recently washed ashore in North Carolina came from one of their ships.

After the Navy’s investigation the ship was contacted and a Sailor admitted responsibility for throwing the disks overboard in violation of Navy regulations.

When the Navy was notified of the disks discovery officials said they immediately began to investigate where they came from.

On May 19 a Navy representatives traveled to the Outer Banks to take custody of the disks and to examine them.

Navy officials said they found markings on several of the disks which confirmed that they did originate from a Navy ship.

After the incident Navy officials said they take environmental stewardship very seriously and by regulation they do not allow ships to dispose of plastic in the ocean.

Shipboard-generated plastic is routinely separated and processed into compressed, melted disks. These disks are then stored onboard until they can be properly disposed of ashore.

Navy officials said they will assess what action is appropriate with respect to the Sailors involved and take steps to ensure that plastic material is handled in accordance with Navy regulations.

The Navy has already distributed a message to afloat units reminding them of the Navy’s plastics processing and disposal procedures, officials said.

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