‘5 Days to Fit & Fab’ – Top 5 nutrition tips to get healthy and stay healthy!

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Local nutrition expert Jim White fills us in on the Top 5 nutrition tips you need to know to kick-start your summer body!

Jim White Registered Dietitian, Owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios in Hampton Roads, is an expert on health and fitness. Jim understand the key to success is a balanced diet and exercise. Here are his top five tips to follow to avoid these common diet downfalls and to set yourself up for success with a positive mindset about nutrition. Today he teamed up with News 3's Kristen Crowley to bring you advice you can really use to jump-start your nutrition.

Here are the top five rules of nutrition you should always keep in mind:

1) Decrease super sized portions. Notice the size difference in the food you buy. Portion control is key.

2) You booze "too much" you lose.

3) Don't eat too much of the good stuff. Yes, even healthy foods can be bad if you over indulge.

4) Find a sugar substitute!

5) It's ok to cheat...every once in awhile. Plan in your cheat meals and limit them to once a week.

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