30% of Hampton Roads adults have high blood pressure

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NORFOLK, Va. - It's known as the silent killer. According to the American Heart Association, thirty percent of Hampton Roads adults have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. High blood pressure, when not treated, can lead to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and other serious health complications.

High blood pressure impacts one in three American adults, and puts people at a higher risk of stroke.  One in six people with high blood pressure do not know they have it.  According to the American Heart Association, normal blood pressure is below 120/80.

On May 17, which is World Hypertension Awareness Day, Optima Health is collaborating with the American Heart Association on a blood pressure control program called "Check. Change. Control" where health care professionals go out into the community to help Hampton Roads residents manage their heart disease risks by managing blood pressure.

For more information and to participate in this free program visit www.heart.org/ccc and enter the code OPT17, that is www.heart.org/ccc and enter the code OPT17.

You will receive reminders on when to check your blood pressure, receive free information on how to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

It’s vitally important to maintain a blood press 120/80 for proper blood flow to your major organs. Again, go to heart.org/ccc and put in the code OPT17. This is a free, easy program, open to the public to make our residents heathier.

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