Four Grassfield High seniors headed to U.S. Naval Academy

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Four seniors at Grassfield High School are headed to one of the most selective colleges in the country -- the United States Naval Academy.

The acceptance rate at the U.S. Naval Academy is around 8 percent each year. The odds of four or more seniors from the same high school being accepted to the same Naval Academy class is very rare -- less than 1 percent.

However, Justin Newell, Trey Ogden, Stephen Burrell, and Cameron Jackson have defied the odds.

Just a few weeks after graduating, they'll head to summer training in Annapolis, Maryland.

"[I'm a] little bit nervous, but I`m very excited for what`s to come," said Ogden.

"This year to date there are 877 high schools that are feeding the incoming class at the Naval Academy. Only three have four coming out of that same high school. Grassfield is one of them," said Nick Diorio, a Blue and Gold Officer with Naval Academy admissions.

To be accepted, applicants must have a well-rounded application, demonstrate leadership potential, athletic/fitness prowess, community service excellence, pass a thorough medical exam, and be interviewed by Naval Academy representatives and members of Congress. They also must receive one of a limited number of nominations awarded from wither a Congressman, the Vice President or the President.

"The teachers work so hard for the students to do well, the parents are there with the students to help them out and the students are driven to work hard," said Newell.

Four other seniors are headed to other military academies: Nate Beck is headed to West Point, Logan Bonner and Dante Delgado will attend the Coast Guard Academy and Jack Welch will head to the Merchant Marine Academy.

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