Community takes action, builds ramp for Virginia Beach boy with Cerebral palsy

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The Virginia Beach community is taking action to help a boy in need.

Eleven-year-old Tyler Hinzpeter suffers from Cerebral palsy, which affects movement and muscle coordination.

Whenever Tyler needs to leave home, his parents Tommy and Crystal have to carry him down the stairs of their front porch.

“We have to physically carry him in and out of the house. To get him on the bus we had to try and get his stroller to go backwards down the stairs to get him to the bus carry him back up the stairs hoping we can get the door to hook so that we can get him in the house," Crystal Hinzpeter said.

Unfortunately, the family’s medical plan doesn’t cover access ramps so the Virginia Beach Noblemen stepped in and built a ramp for the family to ease their burden.

“He’s already been out here a couple times which has been cool," noblemen David Reno said. “He can come out and sit on it. There’s a couple of landings that will accommodate him and they are in the shade.”

Sunday, they are finalizing the project – adding the railing for the ramp.

The group told News 3 they wanted Tyler to have greater access to his home without having to depend on others.