St. Jude physical therapy works to improve lives

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More than 14,000 surgeries were successfully completed at St. Jude Children's Research hospital last year.

That number doesn't tell the entire story. Post surgery physical therapy is often needed to make patients whole again.

Physical Therapist Angela Coor says it's her job to improve the quality of life of the little ones at St. Jude after surgery, "Whether they have a great prognosis or a poor prognosis".

Treatment to fight cancer very often means the patients need to work very hard to literally get back on their feet.

That can be difficult when the process is painful. That is when Therapist Angela Coor brings in her Mommy skills, "It can be a challenge especially with our younger patients, they may be apprehensive to work with me which I completely understand, I also have two young children, so it is important to build a relationship with them."

Despite the challenges of therapy Coor says she is rewarded with the results.

She shared the words that a young patient put down in a letter written to, "I was able to get off the floor today, and I did it by myself, because in part because of you and your efforts."

Coor says that is why she loves her job at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, because she can make a difference.

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