Virginia Beach Police bring additional help to ensure safety during College Beach Weekend

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - College Beach weekend starts on Friday, April 28.

Virginia Beach Police are assigning student volunteers to keep the peace and ensure that everyone stays safe while having a good time.

"They come out here to have a good time. Take a break from school, blow some steam have fun, I think it's good," said tourist, Allen Diaz.

For the past five years, college students have made their way to the Oceanfront--creating a traditional weekend event. However, some tourists aren't looking forward to their company.

"At this point in my life I'm retired. I want to completely relax, enjoy where I'm at, and if I had to worry about a bunch of ruckus with college kids, no, I would probably not want to deal with that," said Victoria Semple, a tourist from Connecticut.

In its first year, College Beach weekend erupted into violence and business owners are cautious.

"From what I heard there was about four stabbing, three shootings, and two shops were robbed, so it wasn't the best of times here at the Oceanfront," said Norfolk resident, Clayton Carbaugh.

Now Virginia Beach police are assigning hundreds of student volunteer ambassadors. They'll be in blue vests on every corner helping assist others.

People say that although College Beach weekend can come with negativity, they mention that it's a good time for businesses to make money.

"We're a tourist city dedicated to tourists and that's what they are, they're tourists and we should cater to them," added Carbaugh.

Volunteer ambassadors who are wearing those light blue vests will be helping out along the Oceanfront through Sunday, April 30.

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