Ohio second grader celebrates birthday with police dept.

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TOLEDO, Ohio – Most people probably don’t want to spend their birthdays in a police station, unless your 8-year-old Deagan Griffin.

“I wanted to see the police because they’re cool,” he said.

Deagan’s mom says she always knew he was kind and caring, but says she was blown away when he made the decision to spend his birthday with officers.

“I’m extremely proud of him,” Shannon Griffin, Deagan’s mom said. “He just loves police.”

Deagan says he’s already making plans for his 9th birthday. He says he just might make a stop at the fire department.

Much to the officers surprise he didn’t come empty handed. Deagan brought a huge tray of birthday treats to the station and got to enjoy them with the hard working men and women of the Holland police department.

As a thank you, the second grader at Holland elementary school got a behind-the-scenes tour. He stopped in a holding cell, tried out handcuffs and even got to sit in a police car.

“What does this do?” Deagan asked one of the officers.

“That’s the radio. That’s how we talk to dispatch and other officers,” and officer explained.

Holland police chief Robert Reed said he was more than happy to host Deagan and his family.

“We appreciate all of the nice gestures and the cupcakes,” Chief Reed said. “Half of that will be gone by the end of the night.”

“I think we all could learn from this young man,” Holland Mayor Mike Yunker said. “In a day and age where there are so many derogatory remarks and you come and do something nice for our police department, we surely appreciate that.”

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