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Sec. of Transportation explains new optional tolls on I-64

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. - More tolls are coming to Hampton roads, but transportation officials stress the new tolling is voluntary.

Eight miles of I-64 will become High Occupancy Toll lanes this fall. Cars with two or more people can ride in the lanes for free, but now drivers who are alone can drive in the lanes if they pay a toll. Tolling will be voluntary, and drivers can still be in the normal lanes at no cost. The toll will be in place from the I-264 interchange to I-564 during the weekday rush hour periods only.

Lane explained the changes during a meeting on Wednesday afternoon. "We will significantly eliminate most of the congestion on this road during rush hour," Lane said, citing projections.

Tolling will start at 50-cents per trip, but could go up depending on traffic. "There is no profit. All the revenues go to support the road or improvements on the facility," Lane said. "There is no third party. There is no profit."

The change will require drivers to update their E-ZPasses. VDOT is hoping to have the tolls running in December.


HOV lanes on I-64 in Norfolk to become High Occupancy Toll lanes

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