Woman delivers own baby on way to hospital

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A mom became her own midwife after she and her boyfriend thought they could make it to the hospital.

A mom became her own midwife after she and her boyfriend thought they could make it to the hospital.

Imagine being nine months pregnant, on the way to the hospital and not sure if your baby will wait until you get there. That is something Sara Suchodolski said she thought would never happen to her.

“You never think you are going to be that person,” Suchodolski said.

On March 28 she said it was her. She was at home with her boyfriend Trevor and their daughter Mila when she started going into labor.

The family lives in Linwood, nearly a half hour from Covenant Hospital in Saginaw.

On the way to the hospital Suchodolski said she told her boyfriend, who was driving, she was running out of time.

“I was freaking out. I didn’t think I could do it, ya know? How am I going to do it,” she said.

Suchodolski did what comes natural, learning from her first child. She started to push while speeding down I-75 – all while her toddler was strapped in next to her.

She said she was in the back seat of their Chevy Impala when she gave birth. Suchodolski said they were 10 minutes from the hospital.

Suchodolski said she was nervous because her first daughter was born with some serious complications. When they arrived at Covenant, doctors said the baby – Maci Vallari Prime – was a healthy 6 pound 15 ounce baby girl.

Maci’s birth records state the place of birth as enroute to Covenant Healthcare.

“As scared as I was and as much of a nightmare that it was going to be for me, it really wasn’t. It is crazy. It is awesome that I can say that I delivered my own baby,” Suchodolski said.

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