Homeowners brace for potential severe weather

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Not even a week after tornadoes touched down in Hampton Roads, more storms are expected in the coming hours.

In the Rock Creek neighborhood, a clear line between unkept and kept grass shows where a fence once stood.

"My fence disappeared within seconds," said Mike Bonkoski.

Bonkoski married his high school sweetheart and moved into this home. Never thinking a tornado would damage it.

"It was just very scary and being from New York, I've been through a lot," said Bonkoski, remembering the train-like sound of the tornado.

Makeshift roofs and siding of blue tarp on multiple houses are the only barrier between the home inside and the potential severe weather outside.

Across the street from Bonkoski, James Onauska spent the afternoon sweeping and putting debris and other trash in plastic bags.

"We can try and prevent what we can. Hopefully, it’s minimized, not just us but the whole area. It's rough to see everyone having a hard time with this," said Onauska.

Bonkoski is hoping things don't get too bad Wednesday night. He said Monday night strong winds were blowing the tarp and loose siding was flapping against his house.

Homeowners are hoping their homes stay intact throughout the night.