Family does mini photo shoot in sports store while waiting out storm in Virginia Beach

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Stephanie Drace and her husband Justin were shopping for Easter baskets Friday night. Since it was their son's first Easter, Stephanie wanted to handmake baskets instead of buying one.

But the Drace's had no idea the storm was coming. They hit the road thinking they could make it home, but it was too dangerous.

"We couldn't see anything, it was just raining so hard," said Stephanie.

At that point, Justin decided they could seek refuge at a nearby shopping center. The family's initial plan was to stay in the parking garage, but the storm picked up and they headed inside Dick's Sporting Goods.

"Henry's bedtime was coming up and he gets pretty fussy around then," said Stephanie.

That's when they got the idea of playing in different sections of the store and photographing it.

Justin and Henry went on an adventure. It started with playing cornhole. Then came a little bike ride. Justin taught Henry how to fish and play golf. Then, they decided to hunt, kayak, enjoy a cold one and more.

"It was so fun getting to see Henry do all these different things. It was pretty hilarious and the store was great. They knew we were killing time, waiting for the storm to pass," said Stephanie, who took all the photos.

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