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Watch: Astronauts perform second of three scheduled spacewalks at International Space Station

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NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson performedĀ a spacewalk ThursdayĀ morning outside the International Space Station.

Kimbrough and Whitson spent timeĀ reconnecting cables and electrical connections on Pressurized Mating Adapter-3 (PMA-3) at its new home on top of the Harmony module. They also installed the second of the two upgraded computer relay boxes on the stationā€™s truss and install shields and covers on PMA-3 and the now-vacant common berthing mechanism port on the Tranquility module.

The spacewalk is theĀ second of three that is preparing the ISS for a second International Docking Adapter, which will allow more commercial spacecraft to dock with the station in the future. Right now, only Russiaā€™s Soyuz spacecraft can dock to bring people onto the ISS. Commercial spacecraft, like SpaceXā€™s Dragon and Orbital ATKā€™s Cygnus must be grabbed by the robotic arm and berthed so cargo can be offloaded.

The first spacewalk took place March 24 with Kimbrough and French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

The third spacewalk is scheduled for April 6, with Whitson and Pesquet and robotic help from Kimbrough. It will be the International Space Stationā€™s 200th spacewalk.


Astronauts perform first of three scheduled spacewalks at International SpaceĀ Station

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