Two dogs saved after appearing lifeless in Gloucester County fire

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GLOUCESTER Co., Va. – Two dogs were reunited with their owners on Tuesday after a house fire injured them.

On March 20 members with the Sheriff’s Office and Abingdon Fire and Rescue responded to a report of a house on fire at 6852 Ashley Street in Hayes.

Gloucester Deputies immediately noticed heavy smoke coming from inside the structure.

A neighbor reported that they knew the homeowners had two dogs which were most likely inside the home, the Sheriff’s Office said.

There was one vehicle in the driveway and authorities were unsure if any of the occupants were home.

Deputies said fire units attempted to get to the dogs which they could hear through an open window.

Unable to get inside deputies waited for fire personnel and spoke with neighbors, learning that the residents of the home were not inside during the fire.

Shortly after entering the burning house firefighters removed both dogs.

The dogs appeared to be lifeless at the time and they were given to rescue and law enforcement.

Both Abingdon Rescue and GCSO personnel actively worked on both dogs for about 20 minutes providing significant resuscitation efforts to both dogs, the fire department said.

Authorities said both dogs were not breathing and their mouths and throats had filled with soot.

Fire officials said when it began to seem hopeless, both dogs regained consciousness.

The homeowners arrived home as the dogs were breathing again and they helped to load the animals into a vehicle.

The dogs were taken to an emergency veterinarian hospital.

A week later both dogs are home with their owners and expected to make a full recovery.