Rep. Scott Taylor talks LGBT rights, the VA and health care

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NORFOLK, Va.  - Virginia Congressman Scott Taylor said he is hitting the ground running during his first term on Capitol Hill.

"We’re not going to waste any time there," said Taylor on News 3 This Morning.  "We’re going to be pushing, pushing, pushing to be as impactful as possible here."

Earlier this month, Taylor introduced legislation that would protect LGBT citizens from housing discrimination.

"I believe that there was a gap in protection there," said the Republican representative, who is receiving bipartisan support on the measure.  "A vulnerable population shouldn’t worry about having to be protected, of course. So it was important that we got out there and got something. I understand it’s not orthodoxy for my party, if you will, but it’s the right thing to do and I don’t mind stepping out and leading.”

Taylor also spoke about his recent amendment to the VA Accountability Act, which would stop VA officials from simply moving hospital leaders with bad records to other hospitals.

"We had bipartisan support that basically put a stop to that," he said.

As for the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, Taylor is expecting a lengthy process.

"It's up to me to see the clarity in chaos and navigate through these chaotic waters, if you will, to be able to make the best decision for this country and this district."

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