Chesapeake Fire Department launches lifesaving app

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Chesapeake residents could play a major role in life or death situations.

The Chesapeake Fire Department, along with Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, recently launched a new app called PulsePoint.

“In sudden cardiac arrest, basically, people have about eight minutes when we look at survivability," the fire department's Chief Medical Officer said. "Out of hospital cardiac arrest, there’s about a five percent chance of survivability.”

The lifesaving app alerts people to nearby cardiac emergencies.

People will get alerted about the emergency at the same time as first responders.

"When early CPR is started you raise that survivability up to 30 to 70 percent," the chief said.

PulsePoint will give you the exact location of the emergency as well as the nearest Automated External Defibrillator.

The goal of the app get you to the scene in the critical moments before EMS can arrive.

Since its launch in February, fire officials say more than 1,200 people have downloaded the app.

For anyone needing a refresher, the app includes a “CPR How-to” and “AED How-to” section.

So far, more than 60 users have been alerted to 16 emergencies in the city.

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