Small dog saved by random act of kindness

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Small dog saved by random act of kindnessPRESCOTT, Ariz. – A 7-year-old small dog was accidentally dragged by its leash while attached to its owner’s truck. Thankfully, the owner was flagged down by other drivers to stop so he didn’t get far.

Steve Adams says he had stopped by a Starbucks in Prescott and wrapped his dog’s leash around the truck’s antenna on the passenger side. He came out of the coffee shop got back in his truck and pulled out of the parking lot.

“I totally forgot she was on the leash and I got in the truck and started driving and people were honking at me,” Adams said.

Adams drove through the parking lot of a strip mall and stopped and realized what had happened.

He ran to the other side of the truck to find his little dog named Glory lying on the ground.

“My stomach dropped. My heart dropped. I was totally devastated,” Adams said.

Glory was covered in blood and not really moving. He wanted to rush her to the hospital but says he worried he couldn’t afford the medical bills.

But a random man nearby ran over and said he would pay for the bill, which turned out to be more than $400.

Adams was beyond thankful.

“It shows a lot of what this community is about, the small things that really matter,” Adams said.

Adams says he’s owned Glory for the past five years and that she follows him everywhere. He sees her not as a pet but a child. Holding back tears, he says he couldn’t imagine a life without her.

“It’s just like a child. I couldn’t imagine someone losing their child. It’s like a daughter in a dog suit,” Adams said.

Adams has reached out to the good Samaritan and hopes to meet and thank him again.

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